The engineering of United Interlock Plank Grating System allows it to withstand strength-to-weight ratio for heavy loads while being easy to work with. Our design provides secure interlocking of roll-formed grating, delivering a safe finished edge for end planks.

Our two standard surfaces include slotted smooth and anti-skid. When you need a more secure walking option, Anti-skid is the best choice. Get 360° protection from wet, oily, muddy, or icy conditions with our die-formed teeth in the transverse ribs.

To allow light and air to pass through and prevent a build-up of debris, dirt, or ice, our Punched Interlock Grating has an open area of 42% for 9” grating and 35% for 6” grating. United Interlock steel grating is formed from pre-galvanized steel, which conforms to a G-90 thickness designation per ASTM A653. The aluminum grating is made from type 5052 aluminum with a thickness of 0.080″.

Upon request, we offer smooth surface grating also for special applications.

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