Girder Clamp Information

Lindapter products provide a faster, cost-effective alternative to on-site drilling or welding and are designed to reduce installation time and labour costs. A high strength, permanent (or temporary) connection is quickly achieved by clamping two steel sections together.
The Girder Clamp represents a range of Lindapter products that are compatible with virtually any shape or size of steel section and can withstand loading conditions in a wide variety of applications, for example:
A Girder Clamp is a connection system configured with components to suit specific application
requirements, for example high tensile loading or high corrosion resistance. Take advantage of
the free connection design service to find the best solution for your connection requirement.
The table below shows the various components that can be assembled in a Girder Clamp arrangement.
Each product has specific properties, for example the Type AF heavy duty clamp can resist tensile loads
up to 250kN when used with four bolts (property class 10.9) in a Girder Clamp assembly.

Girder Clamps (Product Videos)

Type A & B Girder Clamp (GC001-1 Type A + B)
Two steel I-Beams are quickly and easily clamped together with Lindapter Type As and Bs in a GC001-1 Girder Clamp Configuration. Lindapter’s Girder Clamps connect steel sections without the need to weld or drill to save time and money.
CE Approved Type LR Self Adjusting Girder Clamp
Lindapter’s CE approved Type LR is a two-part self-adjusting clamp designed to suit a wide range of flange thicknesses and slopes up to 15°.

Lindapter Steel Sections Clamping Products

Type A Recessed
Type B Flat Top
Type AAF High Slip Resistance
Type AF High Slip Resistance
Type CF High Slip Resistance
Type LR Self Adjusting
Type LS Self Adjusting
Type F9 Flange
Type FC Flush

* Type F9 Flange and Type FC Flush do not require a location plate

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