Eaton's B-Line Series

Eaton’s B-Line series strut systems, also known as bolted framing, provides an economical solution for virtually any commercial, industrial, petrochem, mining, infrastructure or data center support application.
B-Line series channel nuts, u-bolts, all threaded rod (ATR) and hardware
B-Line series channel / metal nuts are designed to provide essential gripping power to make installation easy. The B-Line series metal framing hardware works together with the B-Line series strut system to help ensure strength, durability and high performance.
B-Line series mini strut system
When the installation calls for something that doesn’t require the load-bearing capacity of Eaton’s standard B-Line Series Strut System, the answer is likely to be the B-Line Series Mini Channel System. This mini metal strut system with fittings is an economical method for supporting light load requirements, as a mini electrical strut system or mounted inside an enclosure, for example.
B-Line series strut channel systems
Eaton’s B-Line series strut system, or bolted framing, gives design engineers, contractors and installers the quality, flexibility and smart design they need to meet the most demanding construction standards.
  • Cable management support
  • Pipe and conduit support
  • HVAC duct support
  • Strut racking systems
  • Ceiling grids
  • Machine guarding
  • Panel stands
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